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Healing Modalities



Reiki is a subtle yet profound therapy that involves placing the practioner's hands on or near the body, helping to reduce stress and promote self-healing. Reiki harmonizes all aspects of the recipient - mind, body and spirit, resulting in greater wellness, increased vitality and a deeper feeling of tranquility and wholeness. Increasing acceptance and use in hospitals, birth centers, hospice services and wellness centers has made Reiki one of the most in-demand healing modalities in the country and across the world. The benefits of Reiki are well documented by scientific research: reduces mental and physical stress, strengthens the immune system, eases physical pain and discomfort, balances and harmonizes emotions, enhances mental clarity and creativity, facilitates personal and spiritual growth. The best part? Reiki is for EVERYONE. Regardless of your age or physical condition, Reiki can be used to restore balance and bring a greater sense of well-being to your life.


Essential Oil Therapy


Essential Oil Therapy relies on natural, therapeutic grade oils derived from plants. The oils are used for relaxation, to help relieve stress, and in some instances, to treat a wide range of physical and mental challenges. Oils are carefully selected to address symptoms that a client may be experiencing.

Restorative Yoga


Restorative yoga is relaxing and soothing, an excellent choice for when you're feeling exhausted, weak, ill, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or injured.  In restorative yoga, props are used to support the body, eliminating as much muscular effort as possible. Time is allowed to explore the subtle energy of the breath (prana) as well as the depth of sensations in the body (releasing tension). Bringing awareness to the breath and recognizing areas in the body that habitually tend to hold tension, invites a feeling of deep release. The process of retraining the brain to let go of these habitual patterns in a restorative session can easily be incorporated into your everyday life.

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy


Urban Zen Integrative Therapy sessions uniquely integrate Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Essential Oils, Breath Awareness and Meditation.  These integrated modalities treat symptoms such as pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion. They are appropriate for anyone, even if you want to simply unwind and de-stress from the daily "to do's" of life.  These therapeutic sessions are deeply relaxing and promote healing of the mind, body and heart as well as teaching skills to be able to access this state of deep relaxation any time. Urban Zen Integrative Therapy is designed to optimize health, well-being and happpiness.

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